Clean Energy Living

Solar energy is a sustainable / renewable alternative to nuclear power plants and power plants that burn fossil fuels and emit greenhouse gases, leading to poor air quality, damage to habitat, and global warming.

Clean manufacturing processes

Solar energy equipment requires little maintenance and lasts 25+ years! Due to its longevity it’s manufacture is one of the lowest carbon foot prints of any energy system. Within 1-2 years your system will have offset the energy that was consumed to create it and deliver it to your door.

Providing a healthy planet for our future generations.

Using solar energy now brightens the future for our Earth and all of its residents, human and flora/fauna alike. Integrating clean and sustainable energy into your life today leaves a legacy of clean energy and a healthier environment for future generations.

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I'm kinda picky when it comes to how the system looks. I didn`t want wires in my garage. Wayne and his crew put the conduit in the attic and I waw very pleased. The installation could not look any better!! I am super satisfied with the system, and Solorworks. With the tax credits, I will have my solar hot water heater paid for in less than 2 years and I am no longer dependent on propane and the ever increasing prices.

Terry H., Chino Valley, AZ

We would most definitely hire this contractor again. We can also recommend him as the most reliable and most professional contractor we have ever dealt with in the 10 years we have lived in Sedona. He and his crew is outstanding.

Again, I can HIGHLY recommend this contractor!

Charles R. & Gertie T., Sedona, AZ

Solarworks and owner Wayne Espeland, Matt and the whole crew are the best. Very professional and a great job done on time and within budget.

Ed H., Sedona, AZ

We met SolarWorks at a county home show along with ten or more other companies. We interviewed all the companies. We changed the size of the system we were considering (larger). SolarWorks had one sales rep (Matt) who consistently worked with us, pleasantly and honestly. The workers were neat, clean and kept our home site that way too. The building inspector said he hadn`t seen a job done with the thoroughness he observed.

Mike and Karin A., Williamson, AZ