Solar Energy is affordable.

Tax incentives, rebates and financing options may significantly reduce the upfront cost of integrating solar energy into your life. Let's do the math on an average sized home system: In Cottonwood, AZ, if you purchased a 5.2 kW system at a net cost of $13,196 after rebates and tax credits, your payback period would be just 7-9 years depending on APS’s annual rate increase.

If you leased the same size system and prepaid a 20 year lease your out of pocket expense would be approximately $10,500 after installation and connection. Additionally, leasing has a significant advantage over purchasing, it is not only more cost effective, it comes with a built in 20 year parts and labor warranty on the panels and inverters. In the last two years the Arizona shift to leasing has grown exponentially so that now 80% of all new installations in APS territory are leased in APS.

Reducing energy costs now.

Solar Energy reduces your current and future energy costs. Most of our clients zero out their energy bill at the end of the first year. Our team works with you to insure your system is sized correctly for you current use and future goals.

And lets not forget the savings that Arizona sun power can give us in gallons of hotwater with a Solar Hot Water or Pool option!

Independence from rising energy costs.

Energy costs are rising and continue to rise as fossil fuel supplies dwindle. Solar energy reduces the impact of escalating utility expenses to your budget. depending upon which option you choose. When you purchase or lease you lock in less than todays APS rate for 20- 30 years!

Excellent investment.

Experience better returns than many long-term investments, with 200%-plus ROI over 25 years. Compare this to a five-year CD (average yearly return of 2.5%) or even the S&P 500 (average yearly return of 11%). Although some stocks can provide a higher return than a solar system, stock prices can be more volatile year after year.

Consider the following:

  • Monthly electric bill is minimul to 0
  • Resale value of home in a California study puts your minimum return on investment for a 5Kw system at 3 times your cost of installation and increased the overall value 4 to 10 percent.
  • The duration to resale is also lowered because the buyer is purchasing a home with minimul electricity costs.
  • Add to that: an extra 3kw over current usage will allow you an electric car you will be able to drive approximately 15,000 miles per year for the equivalent of .25 cents a gallon of gasoline!

Solar is the best investment you can make that keeps paying you month after month.

An Invitation

To all our potential valued customers in Yavapai and Coconino Counties: if you just want to save money and prefer to leave all the Solar details up to us; Great, we are here to accomplish that for you and with you! Or perhaps you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint because one of your core values is being a responsible steward of the environment -- then we say “Welcome to the SolarWorks family!”

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I'm kinda picky when it comes to how the system looks. I didn`t want wires in my garage. Wayne and his crew put the conduit in the attic and I waw very pleased. The installation could not look any better!! I am super satisfied with the system, and Solorworks. With the tax credits, I will have my solar hot water heater paid for in less than 2 years and I am no longer dependent on propane and the ever increasing prices.

Terry H., Chino Valley, AZ

We would most definitely hire this contractor again. We can also recommend him as the most reliable and most professional contractor we have ever dealt with in the 10 years we have lived in Sedona. He and his crew is outstanding.

Again, I can HIGHLY recommend this contractor!

Charles R. & Gertie T., Sedona, AZ

Solarworks and owner Wayne Espeland, Matt and the whole crew are the best. Very professional and a great job done on time and within budget.

Ed H., Sedona, AZ

We met SolarWorks at a county home show along with ten or more other companies. We interviewed all the companies. We changed the size of the system we were considering (larger). SolarWorks had one sales rep (Matt) who consistently worked with us, pleasantly and honestly. The workers were neat, clean and kept our home site that way too. The building inspector said he hadn`t seen a job done with the thoroughness he observed.

Mike and Karin A., Williamson, AZ